The Greeting

What greeting will be offered to you as you enter eternity?
Has it perhaps already happened repeatedly?

What greeting will your Lord offer? One suited just for you?
Is your relationship here and now an eternal debut?

How will he greet you, my friend?

Will it be a tackle-hug, complete with running start?
A joyful celebration of long separated, but linked hearts?

Will it be a distant head-nod from across a crowded space?
Yes, he belongs to my tribe. I recognize his face.
You’re worthy of acknowledgement, and I’ll be there in a few.
I’m sure you’ll understand, there’s something I must do.

Will he greet you with such fresh forgiveness it’s offered from the Cross?
With gruesome wounds and stink or death, He dispels your fear.
I’m sorry I have not cleaned up, but we are so glad you are here.

Will you be welcomed into a quiet candlelit space? Encouraged to rest a while, simply gazing at His face?

Will you be welcomed with a task or duty to fulfill?
He’ll help you wash the dishes, after a homecoming meal.
He will never give you a task that he does not wish to join you in.
For some, love is rooted in service to Him.

Will you be the first he visits every morning with the dawn?
Will you be the last he leaves, when all the wine is gone?

May we look forward to asking each other, “How did you come to be here?”
And revel in the varied welcomes through the endless years.

May your greeting, that first of eternal hellos be appropriate to you, and mirror the life of love you’ve lived, with the One who welcomes you.


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