I am not finished!

Wow! Wow! Wow! I have multiple stories this touches deeply in my life. I am so thankful for Becky and her words.

Red Tent Living

“I wasn’t finished!” Elsa stomped her foot and ran to the living room. We were watching Mary Poppins and my sweet two and a half year old granddaughter had come to the end of her allotted thirty minute screen time and I needed to turn off the video.

Jane, Michael, Bert and Mary Poppins were on their merry-go-round horses and beginning to gallop off into the spring meadow. It’s a glorious moment in the movie. But I respect my children’s parenting wishes and told her we’d watch more tomorrow.

My heart hurt disappointing her understandable desire. She took the fly swatter that hangs on a hook and ran to the living room and swatted the floor and again said, “I wasn’t finished!”

Something about that sentence, “I wasn’t finished” brought tears to my eyes. I could hear her quietly rocking in her rocking chair. I was so proud of the…

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